Advertising space NON-Profit

This is how you set up your advertising space

You certainly want our large community to see you from your best side. In order to do this, we have created a guide for you here. It is best to work through the following points step by step so that you are guaranteed not to forget anything and then send all information and files to with the subject: "Marketplace".

We are happy to inform you that SANUSLIFE will take care of entering the content for you.

1. Logo

It would be ideal if you have your logo in vector format. Alternatively, you can also use a high-resolution JPG, PNG or WEBP format with at least 600 x 600 pixels.

2. Company name and address

If you have several branches, please provide the addresses of the respective branches. Please understand that only complete and correct addresses can be displayed.

3. Website address/s

Do you have multiple website addresses? Then make it clear which ones are most important to you. If you only have one profile on social media channels and don't have a website, that's fine too, of course - just enter it. Anything is better than nothing.

4. Contact Information

Specify how you would like to be contacted (phone, email, chat) and of course contact details. You are also welcome to enter your social media data (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) here.

5. Nature of Business

Here you can indicate whether you sell over the Internet (online shop, online services) or locally (hotel, workshop, office, shop, etc.) or both.

6. Industry/Category

Please assign yourself to the following branches/categories. You can choose up to 3.

7. High-resolution image or advertising image for header banners:

This is one of the most important points: the first impression. It is the first large image image that the visitor to your site will see of you. With this in mind – make an impression and send us this picture with an aspect ratio of 5:1 and at least 1,280 x 256 pixels (see example).

"Home" page:

8 . Heading of the home page

Write a main title (max. 50 characters) and a subtitle or slogan/slogan (max. 40 characters).

9. Text for home page

Under "Home" write what you would like someone to know about you when they open the page. This section is comparable to the home page. You can write a text of max. 1500 characters including spaces and any subtitles.

Optional: For an even more personal appearance!

10. Personal Hue

Bring in your own style, your corporate identity (CI). Tell us your CSS3 color name, RGB value or hex code - and we'll bring your personal color into the advertising space.

11. 4 images for the image module on the home page

1 picture says more than 1,000 words. In the picture module complex you have the opportunity to place 4 pictures. For example, from your products (your favorite, your newest, etc.), your company (building, office, employees) or yourself (portrait, at work, etc.). In any case, we need these images from you as follows: Aspect ratio: 2:1, each at least 1280 x 640 pixels.

12. Content for Highlights Module

What makes you, your company or your products so special? What are the highlights? keep it short Write 3-4 keywords and formulate a short text (between 40 - 90 characters). Find/design an icon for each (aspect ratio 1:1, max. 300 x 300 pixels, see example)

"About Us" page:

13. Text for "About Us" page

Introduce yourself, your company and/or your team under "About us". This text must not exceed 1500 characters including spaces. As on the "Home" page, you can also insert a main title (max. 50 characters) and a subtitle or slogan/slogan (max. 40 characters).

14. Text-image for "About us" page

To the right of the "About Us" partYou also have the option of rounding off the text with a nice picture. Make sure it has an aspect ratio of 1:1 and has at least 640 x 640 pixels.

15. Closing image for About Us page

Finish the page with another great picture. Make sure the aspect ratio is 1:2 and at least 1280 x 640 pixels. Also add a suitable title with max. 50 characters.

The following 3 points are only important for your NGO if you sell products and use the SANUSPAY payment system for them   accept. If you're not selling anything, you can choose any percentage, but it won't affect your account.

16. SANUS BUSINESS __% rate

Specify how many SANUSCREDITS the users should receive for their purchase from you. You can enter a number between 1 and 99 here. If you want to rely on active recommendation, we recommend entering a value of 20 or more here. Experience has shown that this will make you attractive to referrers. The business margin times 2 is then the SANUSCREDITS % for the customer.

17. SANUS PLANET __% rate

Specify how much of the purchase amount should be automatically donated to the SANUSPLANET Foundation. You can enter a number between 0.5 and 99.5 here. If protecting the environment is very important to you and you want to be perceived positively, we recommend that you also enter a correspondingly high value here.


Please note that the content goes online as we receive it and that there are no correction runs unless this is possible to do yourself via the system. Therefore, a few tips before you send the e-mail.

1. Check all documents again for completeness.

2. Proofread the texts again or have them proofread, so that they are guaranteed to be error-free.

3. Make sure that you have taken all the specifications (character length, image quality, etc.) into account.

A SANUSLIFE employee will then enter the content for you. We ask for your understanding in advance that the online connection can be delayed by up to ten (10) working days in the event of a large number of incoming orders.