Best deal


This is our international retailer program, with which we enable you to shop in the best-known brand stores worldwide.

And that is how it works:
1. Register here for free or log in.

2. In the SANUS LIFE Marketplace, click on the logo of the company you would like to buy from.

3. Make your purchase as usual.

4. After payment in the brand shop, your SANUS CREDIT cashback will be credited directly to your SC account.

5. At the same time, part of the purchase price is donated and part is paid out as a referral commission. For organizational reasons, this only takes place after the partner company has paid SANUS LIFE the shares, which can take up to 40 days on average.

Please also note that gift vouchers and Best Deals purchases will not be processed via SANUS PAY for the time being.
The biggest advantage is that SANUS CREDITS are credited to you immediately, which are then converted into SANUS COINS . When you shop at the SANUS LIFE Marketplace, at least 0.5% of the amount you pay in is automatically donated to your purchase.