FAQ - Frequently asked questions from customers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

1. What is the cashback?

You receive the cashback in the form of SANUS CREDITS (SC), which are then converted into SANUS COINS (SAC). SANUS COINS are "Utility Payment Tokens", a new digital payment method. You can save this on the Bitcoin blockchain or use it to pay in the app. Since SANUS COINS are limited just like bitcoins, their value can increase. And that's exactly why this cashback is so special. It offers excitement, fun and real added value!

2. Do I only get SANUS CREDITS if I pay with SANUS PAY ?

No, there are many ways to collect SANUSCREDITS, e.g. B. through promotions, through various activities on the portal or by successfully inviting your friends. You can find out more about this at https://sanuscredits.com.

3. Do SANUS COINS work with every payment method?

No, paying with SANUS COINS only works with the SANUS PAY payment method, which all participating companies offer (except Best Deals). All partner companies can be found here on the SANUS LIFE marketplace. It is important to know that every company can offer SANUS PAY in its own online shop/on its own website (via plug-in) or on site in the office, hotel, shop, workshop etc. (via QR code). Of course you can always ask whether you can pay with SANUSPAY. If not, you can also say you like it and invite the business with your referral ID.

4. Can I exchange the SANUS COINS? And if so, in which currencies?

Yes, of course. There is an exchange office in the SANUS APP , which allows you to exchange SANUS COINS to fiat currencies such as euros, dollars and many others at any time and with just one click. It is also possible to exchange the coins for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

5. What are the advantages of the SANUS PAY payment method ?

SC cashback, earnings and donations are unlocked with every payment. The buyer receives the SC cashback immediately after payment. In addition, brokerage commissions and donations are paid to the SANUS PLANET Foundation. 100% of the donations go to projects to protect the seas, animals, nature and people in need.

6. How are commissions distributed?

The commissions are calculated for each purchase, displayed in your back office and automatically transferred to your SANUS APP on a weekly basis. The system provides you with the commission slip, all you have to do is answer a few questions. Become a member to get to know this attractive world of additional income step by step.

7. How much was donated and for which projects?

At https://sanusplanet.org you can see how many donations have already been collected and which projects have already been financed with which funds.

8. Do I get something even if I just register for free?

Yes, for the free registration and the successfully completed verification process (KYC) you will receive 1,000 SANUS CREDITS (SC) as a welcome gift. In addition, you get a real Neo Bank account for free and can continuously collect more SC. Each month, your SC will automatically convert to SAC. This will start the collection over. You can get more benefits by paying for upgrades.