How it works - Seller

Let yourself be recommended instead of sold!

Register for free, choose the service package that suits you best, and your customers and the entire SANUS LIFE community from all over the world can recommend your products. Whether freelancer, start-up, SME or large corporation - our recommendation platform brings advantages for every company.

This is how the partnership with SANUS LIFE works

3 simple steps - this is how you advertise more efficiently and increase your sales!

1) Register for free, complete the verification process and select the service package of your choice.

2) You set up your advertising space and determine how much the recommendation of your products is worth to you. The minimum margin (including payment provider fee) is 1.5%. Depending on the package you choose, you will also receive your own website including item management.

3) You are discovered by our customers and referrers, they get to know you, buy from you and recommend you to others.

Together we are strong. #the future is ours