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Associazione Cova Contro

Associazione Cova Contro

Who We Are 

In response to the urgent environmental and public health needs of local residents, the COVA Contro association was founded in 2013 to raise public awareness of the impacts of the oil industry in Basilicata. First and foremost, we are an organization that conducts scientific and investigatory research to document, analyze, and monitor oil pollution. For years our work has been published in scientific articles, taken up by the national and foreign press, and we collaborate with the judiciary and with various other civic institutions, from municipalities to parliamentary committees of inquiry. Also, we have supported the work of several foreign researchers who have confirmed the general state of environmental degradation in Basilicata. 

We seek innovative, scientific, and technical solutions to the problems that our beloved Basilicata faces, which are both old and new. While pollution is a relatively new problem in the region, the oil industry has also exacerbated many older problems that Lucanians have faced for years, such as extreme disparities between rich and poor, corruption, and emigration. Through our research and public outreach activities, we have sought to break this cycle by creating a new vision for the future of the oil industry in Basilicata—one that prioritizes public health, transparency, and public oversight.

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