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We are the SANUS LIFE Group, which consists of two companies: SANUS LIFE INTERNATIONAL GmbH in Bozen (I), founded in 2006, and SANUS LIFE ADMINISTRATION AG in Baar (CH), founded in 2020.

SANUS LIFE INTERNATIONAL GmbH specializes in the research, development and marketing of water filters and water ionizers. SANUS LIFE ADMINISTRATION AG, on the other hand, provides a marketplace platform and a neo-banking and payment app that supports fiat and cryptocurrencies and offers customers, companies and non-profit organizations special advantages. She also pushed the development of SANUS PAY payment method and SANUS COIN utility payment token.

The SANUS APP is the focus of SANUS LIFE . An all-in-one app that will combine a bank account, crypto and fiat exchange, payment method, means of payment, referral marketing and marketplace in the future, giving individuals and companies around the world access to a unique economic and financial ecosystem.

Our mission is to create added value across the board:

• For the buyer that their purchase is sustainable and they may get back more than they spend.
• For the seller that the marketing costs are only incurred when they have paid for themselves.
• For non-profit organizations that they can generate donations themselves and implement even more.

Our values are:
Sustainability : We create incentive systems so that all members can actively and passively pay sustainably and at the same time automatically support the environment.
Community : We live and cultivate the culture of togetherness, both in-house and with our customers, sales partners and partner companies. Whether online or offline - we stand for community. we Are. community.
Communication : We value communication. We brainstorm, negotiate, discuss and train. We build and maintain relationships. And of course we inform our community about everything that happens with us.
Growth : We may not be the best, but we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and achieve our quite ambitious goals. We therefore understand growth not only in numbers, but also in your own personality.
Prosperity : We believe in our values, mission and vision. For this reason we do a lot and look forward to moving as much as possible together with our community.

Be part of us. join us Register for free and enjoy over 1,000 SANUS CREDITS as a welcome gift!