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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - CUSTOMERS

Frequently asked questions & answers (FAQ)

1. What kind of cashback is this?
You get the cashback in the form of SANUS CREDITS (S C ), which are converted into SANUS COINS (S C ) every month. The SANUS COINS are "utility payment tokens" that will be available in a second moment as a new digital means of payment for the SANUS PAY payment method. They can be used to pay in the app, stored on the bitcoin blockchain, or simply exchanged with other crypto and fiat currencies. Since the coins, like bitcoins, are limited, they can increase in value. Therefore, the cashback is unique. So it offers excitement, entertainment and real benefits.

2. Can I only get SANUSCREDITS if I buy products in the SANUSLIFE Marketplace?
No, there are numerous ways to receive SANUS CREDITS . For example through promotions, through various activities on the portal or by registering your friends. You can find more information on this topic at

3. Is it possible to use SANUSCOINS with different payment methods?
No, paying with SANUS COINS only works with the SANUS PAY payment method, which all participating companies offer (except Gift Cards & Best Deals). You can find all partner companies here in the SANUS LIFE Marketplace. Of course you can ask all companies whether they accept SANUS PAY so that you can pay them. If they don't, you can tell them you'd love that and give them your referral ID number.

4. How are commissions paid? Is there a commission receipt?
The commissions, which are calculated for each purchase, are displayed in your SANUS LIFE back office, automatically transferred weekly and later transferred to the wallet of your SANUS APP . The commission receipt is then provided by the system.

5. What do I have to do to receive commissions?
To receive commissions, all you have to do is register for free, upgrade to BASIC or PREMIUM and then answer a few questions in your back office under commission settings. Register and upgrade now for free

6. How much money has already been donated and for which projects?
The amount of donations varies constantly. You can track the total at any time at . You can also see how much of the donation income was used for which projects.

7. Do I get anything if I register for free?
Yes, you will receive 1,000 SANUS CREDITS (S C ) as a welcome gift for free registration. You also have the opportunity to continuously collect additional S C. Your S C will automatically convert to SA C every month. This means that collecting will start again. Upgrades that are chargeable provide additional benefits.