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ULTRA Companies & Vouchers


If you are an entrepreneur and choose the ULTRA account type, you will receive the best advantages in terms of administration, advertising space and marketing. In addition to the advertising space, you get a mini website (“Home”, “About us”, “Contact”) and a merchandise management system with article management. You also enjoy 50% visibility on the marketplace and are advertised directly or at a very high level to our recommenders with 70% visibility.


The voucher is a multi-purpose voucher that you can buy directly in the SANUSAPP with a value of 125 euros, 250 euros or 500 euros. Please download the SANUSAPP and go to the Finance section, where you can select and purchase the voucher that suits you best. The voucher gives you a special position with which you can secure very special advantages in the short, medium and long term. The voucher value will then be credited to your voucher account in the SANUSLIFE Marketplace. You can redeem this in a second moment at the percentage that the respective COMPANY grants.

You can find out more about this within our community as a member.

Voucher mockup-CHECKSECURITY-500px.jpg?1684237483927Voucher-Mockup-DELUXE-500px.jpg?1684237444926Voucher Mockup-ROYAL-500px.jpg?1684237513605Voucher-Mockup-VIP-500px.jpg?1684237534207