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Gift cards


These are the partner companies where you can buy virtual gift cards or virtual voucher cards. The vouchers are available at fixed prices. You usually have three (3) vouchers with different amounts to choose from per company. Of course you can also buy several vouchers in order to collect more SANUSCREDITS accordingly.

Here is a practical example:

Let's say you want to book a trip that costs 1,000 euros. The travel company cooperating with SANUSLIFE offers gift cards for 50, 100 and 200 euros. Then you could, for example, buy 5 vouchers for 200 euros each. Or 10 vouchers for 100 euros. Or 20 vouchers for 50 euros. Or you only pay for part of the trip with Gift Cards and the rest as normal.

In any case, the following applies: The higher the purchase amount that you pay with Gift Cards, the more SANUSCREDITS you will receive - and you will receive correspondingly more SANUSCOINS after the conversion in the next month.