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Our golf course


Welcome to the Green, where life is a little greener and the air smells of freshly mown grass - or at least the smell of an excellent beer garden nearby!

Yes, you heard right, at CITY GOLF Rosenheim we bring the golf experience to the heart of the city so that you can swing your clubs whenever you feel like it - be it during your lunch break, after work or on the weekend.

Not only does our facility offer a fun and relaxed environment for golfers of all levels, but it also provides a perfect opportunity to improve your skills. With our 9-hole short course and first-class practice facilities, you can perfect your swings and even admire the most beautiful beer garden in Rosenheim - now that's quite an incentive, right?

For us, the focus is on fun, and that means that we do not require any previous knowledge, handicap or membership. All you need is your desire to play golf and perhaps a pair of comfortable shoes. Because we have no dress code - as long as you feel comfortable, you are in the right place!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your friends, grab your clubs (or just borrow some from us) and come along! The CITY GOLF team looks forward to welcoming you to the green and offering you a special golf experience. See you soon

Golfen in Rosenheim
Golfen in Rosenheim

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