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The Quantum Leap Institute is an association of people for people who enrich human life and encourage the development of stable and healthy personalities. All areas that are important for the balance of the personality are taken into account. In particular, the formation of practice-oriented branches or associations, the establishment of meeting and educational centers that serve teaching and training purposes.

Attention is paid to the influences of the personal and cultural environment, stress and fun, aesthetics and art, sport and exercise, well-being and recovery, air, water and nutrition, sensory measures through to music (therapy) and the use of so-called wellness, well-being and health devices.

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Learn self-healing for yourself and those around you without any medical prerequisites. In our program you will learn a comprehensive system of muscle, fascia and connective tissue techniques in the form of the " inner wave" . It is very successful as an exclusive application, as well as a supplement to traditional medical healing methods. Many doctors and members of medical and nursing professions, e.g. dentists, general practitioners, chiropractors, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists, speech therapists, as well as nurses and midwives use similar techniques as a supportive treatment method.

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Institut Quantensprung e.V.
Institut Quantensprung e.V.