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Lachyoga & Emotionscode

Laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is an extraordinary concept that allows anyone to laugh without any special reason. It was founded in 1995 by the Indian doctor Dr. Madan Kataria. The yoga part of laughter yoga consists mainly of deep breathing exercises and has nothing to do with the often complex physical exercises of traditional yoga.

Many people breathe too shallowly due to stress and tension, which means that their body does not receive enough oxygen. Laughter yoga is based on the scientifically proven fact that the body cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter and that this stimulates the release of happiness hormones.

Like yawning, laughter is contagious, brings people together and is therefore easy to practice in a group.

Emotion Code

Whether we like it or not, consciously or unconsciously

Emotions influence our thoughts, our actions, our relationships, our well-being.

We cannot always let our emotions run free in the moments we experience them, to let them out, so to speak. We suppress them, repress them. This allows them to become trapped in our bodies and show up in some way, sometimes quickly and sometimes later, often as physical or mental complaints.

Depending on age and experience, there may be a few hundred trapped emotions/blockages.

We identify and resolve these emotional burdens in humans and animals

Lachend durchs Leben
Lachyoga & Emotionscode

Lachend durchs Leben

mit mehr Leichtigkeit und Wohlbefinden