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Tanjacoach GmbH

Unfortunately, the divorce rate has increased in recent years, and not every divorce or separation goes smoothly. My goal is to give women the support they need to overcome this difficult situation without lasting damage. Many women feel alone and do not know what administrative matters and emotional challenges they will face. With my method, I enable women to take control of their lives again.

Women often let themselves go unconsciously because they don't know how to get out of this dark cloud. Alcohol, weight gain, frustration and bankruptcy are just some of the possible consequences. To prevent this, I have developed a unique, scientifically proven method that covers the woman's life in all its facets. This method gives them the support they need to find their self-confidence and new courage to live.

Tanjacoach GmbH
Die Unterstützung bei Trennung und Scheidung für Frauen

Strength & Energy

step by step